In Residence at the Lakeside Performing Arts Center in Ashtabula, Ohio, the Ashtabula Area Orchestra attracts musicians from all over Northeast Ohio and Northwestern Pennsylvania. We have regular players join us from as far away as Euclid, Youngstown, Madison, Cleveland Heights, Mentor, Chardon and across the state line in Meadville and Sharon. We welcome musicians from other community, college and high school orchestras. We also invite those of you who used to play back in high school or college, to pick up your instrument again and play with a full symphony orchestra in a fun, low-pressure environment. Need to brush up with some instrumental lessons? Many of our members offer lessons… contact us and we will connect you.

2022 Holiday Concert Personnel

2021 Holiday Concert Personnel

Ashtabula Area Orchestra 2018-2020

First Violin

Art Reichenfeld, Jan Reichenfeld, Bonnie Savage Faranacci, Cheryl Dickson-Walker, Andona Zacks-Jordan, Elva Newcomer-Kocher, Anna Ring, Laurie Godfrey, Judy Jones, Anika Avery Grant

Second Violin

Linda Doviak, Kathryn Dutton, Jonna Mazza, Natalie Hanson, Morgan Franklin, Melinda Crawford, Nicolas Mibaly, Paul Bailie, Hannah Foots


Carol Linsenmeier, Zaneeta Zachs-Gabriel, Kira Kosatka, Ed Burke, Judy Wahlenmayer , Andy Snell, McKinzie Bumbarger


Rochelle Hylton, Greg Kinat, Brant Gephart, Emily Glink, Julianne Sheldon, Bill Anderson, Dave Owens


Rich Rea, Earl Inks, Joel Meltzer, Mitchell Lemponen


Abigail Beesler, Ruth Simon, Nan Adams-Case


Marion Carrel, Matthew Incorvia, Ruth Rea, Kaylee Perala


Marianne Carel, Kathy Zetts


Marjorie Rutherford, Brick Bates, Philip Kish

French Horn

Chip Laveck, Sue Miller, Jim Fuller, Gail Collister


Angie Shelton, Tom Stevenson, Richard Sesco


Bridget Sherman, Chris Sherman, David Roth, Kurt Updegraf, Amber Forrer


Andy Stevenson


Chris Dunn, JohnDunn, Josh Sommers, Ryan Wells


Mary Ann Stevenson


Brian Mather, Andrea Tredent

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