is Back!

It’s been a long, hard-fought battle, but we FINALLY got our domain, , back in our musical little hands. For a while, it was pointing to a very strange Japanese site, selling, who knows what, but now we have regained control of our domain and we’re ready to spread the word once again about our fabulous organization.

Please, spend some time and look around our site. We’re still building out the website and are open to ideas for new pages. For example, someone suggested doing profiles on our individual musicians – I think that would be a great way for our extended online community to get to know us better. And it would be great for building a sense of community within our orchestra.

We’re also seeking photos for our online gallery – concerts, rehearsals, etc. Of particular interest are historical photos of AAO performances pre-2010. We used to have a large collection of these, however they were lost after one of our board members passed away. Photos can be emailed to ,

Make sure to subscribe to this blog and keep in touch.

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